Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Who is the best coach?

A coach with vast or deep theoretical knowledge?
A coach with long experience, unique specialty and know-how in one field?
A coach with many training tools from many coaching programs?
A coach with well-known brand being belonged well-known association? 
Which coach is to open your limitless power?

Any coach may be the best coach in each field; however, the greatest coaches have the pure awareness. That is because everything we meet, experience is made by our awareness and mind.
Reading present mind hardly makes your live improved from the basic level.  It is only from the experience from your Pure Consciousness/Awareness of your profound mind that makes you get out of your limited thinking and solve the problem fundamentally.

Therefore the certificate of the True Coach shall not be issued or authorized by university nor after couple of weeks or months of coaching program for the problem of life shall not be solve entirely by knowledge or technique.

The true coaches of True Self Coaching Center are the authorized professionals with at least 1500 hours or 5 years of personal coaching and training. They are full of insight and intuition on every problem of every society and equipped with the ability to overcome any obstacle. They are the sincere coaches who have already applied, implemented the wisdom to their life and experienced the changes and growth.

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