Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All About ‘Real-Self’ Coaching

‘Real-Self’ Coaches introduce the way for the ultimate and everlasting happiness by expanding your awareness with the Wisdom of Saints and the New Science.

The expanded awareness brings you the solution to any problem and even makes everybody around you feel satisfied, released and happy.

Specialized Coachings at a Glance

Personal: Characteristics, Public Anxiety, Relationship, Potential Development for Excellent Performance, Spiritual Fulfillment, Parents Leadership, Life Vision.

Healing: Depression, Panic Disorder, Addiction, Health, Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Couple, Family and other personal concerns.

Vocational: Concentration Improvement for Sportsmen, Sports Coaches and Supervisors at Match, Balance Finding between work and life for Nurses, Teachers and Social Welfare Officers, Personal Concern Elimination for Doctors, Judges, Professors, Lawyers, and other celebrity like pop-star or actor/actress.

Business/Public: Insight Improvement for CEOs, Change Implement Leadership Academy, Spiritual Innovational Coaching for the inferior group and other customized coaching consulting.

Spiritual Leadership: Level 1-Mind Course, Level 2-Mental Course, Level 3-Master Course

Specialty of the ‘Real-Self’ Coaching “Any problem is to be solved”
The True Coach who has the experience of life changed with pure awareness is to be in communion with you. It makes you changed into the fresh, bright and sound life as your negative unconsciousness which is involuntarily accumulated get disappeared.  Your most difficult problem is to be solved not with your hard effort but with your greatest awareness which is recovered with the help of True Coach. Your coaching result is to be maintained by the Result Maximizing System and Follow-up System.

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