Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Courses for Public


Communion & Communication Course

Healing: Mind Innovation Course for the social welfare officers

Mind Reset Course for government officers for the government officer’s sense of patriotism, clean, duty

Practice with Successful Strategy Course for the government officer’s self-realization

Front Line Leadership Course for the government officers at field

Customer Satisfaction Course for Sensible Leadership

Power of Laugh and Compliment for the mental and physical health

NLP Leadership Course

Spiritual Follow ship Course

The light of Energizer

Communion and Communication

Course to be the Master of Communion – Principle of Communication in individuals and department

Communication Course – Principle and skills of Communication

[Wild Life] 1night 2days Communication for exciting and pleasant learning from wild life experience.

NLP Communication : Communication Skill based on NLP Principle

Innovation of Organizational Culture

Healing: Mind Innovation Course for healing, recovery and new challenge

Reset! Restore/Turn to Shining Life for Mind Reset against Risk and Changes

Innovation Spirit for strong mind towards innovation and challenge

Happy Place to Work to build a culture to care both individual and organization

[Wild Life] 1night 2days Communication to build cooperative organizational culture with excitement and joy

Core Ability Build-Up

Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Creative Problem Solving Skills 

Unlimited Imagination and Creativity Management



Coaching for CEOs

Coaching for Managers

NLP Coaching

Life Coaching for General

 Global Experiences

Necessity and Effects for Innovation for foreign organizations and global companies

Click! Unlimited Power for Innovation for foreign organizations and global companies

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